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Windows Server 2008 Can Not See Static IP

I recently installed Windows Server 2008 and set the IP address to static. Usually this is a simple process, but not this time. After setting the address to static the settings appeared to revert back to dynamic and DHCP along with DNS was not functioning. The only way to fix this issue is by doing the following:

  • Launch Regedit
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network
  • Delete the Config key as illustrated below.

config key

  • Next, Launch ncpa.cpl from the run box.
  • Right click your Nic adapter and choose IPv4 and click Properties
  • Set your static IP address
  • Next, click OK and then close the property sheet.
  • Restart your server.

You now should have static IP addressing functioning on your server. Cheers :)