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How To Use The NSLookup Command

Using the nslookup command. The Nslookup tool is used for DNS queries, this can be thought of as a simple diagnostic client for DNS servers. Nslookup can operate in two different modes: Interactive and Noninteractive. Noninteractive can look up a single piece of data, whereas Interactive mode should be used to lookup more than one piece of data . Interactive mode can be halted at any time by pressing Ctrl+B. To exit from interactive mode, type exit. To display the parameters used for NSlookup, open a command prompt with admin priviledges and type NSlookup /?

Accepted parameters for Nslookup are as follows:

  • -ComputerToFind : Looks up info for the defined ComputerToFind. By default this will use default DNS name server.
  • -Server : Specifies the server for the DNS nameserver.
  • -SubCommand : Specifies one or several Nslookup subcommands as a command line option. Enter a question mark (?) to display a listing of available subcommands.