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How To Access Shaw Webmail or Telus Webmail

This article will explain how to access your Shaw Webmail or Telus Webmail while you are on different wireless networks. This lesson will work for your Iphone - Blackberry - Android or laptop system. For example purposes lets assume you have a shaw webmail account and you are currently at work. Your place of employment is on a Telus Internet connection not a Shaw Internet connection. The reason you cannot access your Shaw email account is because your server settings in your email client are set to Shaw values..

First we must understand the different server settings that we can apply. The first setting we must change is the POP server value. Currently your POP server setting is probably something similar to this value The POP value is for receiving any incoming mail. We must change this value to the following: This value can be used no matter what network you are on. You will never have to change this value again.

The next value we must set is the SMTP setting, this may be a little confusing but I will try and explain it so you understand what exactly is going on. SMTP is used for sending mail. If you are at work and your place of employment is on a Telus connection you cannot use your current setting of, you must change this value to a Telus server setting because you are on a Telus Internet connection. The value you want to use while at work would be Just remember when you get home you will have to change this value back to your Shaw server values.

If you are on a Telus network at home and a Shaw network at work change your pop settings to and your SMTP settings to shawmail. Just remember to change your SMTP settings back to when you get back home.

Ok, this is all fine and dandy but how and where do I change these values? Please read the shaw email settings and the telus email settings page for more details.

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