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Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

Here is a selection of keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9. Some of these are new in latest version, other shortcuts have been in existense for quite some time, and some every user or developer should be aware of.

Alt Displays the menu bar.

Alt + X Opens the Tools menu in the upper-right corner of the browser window.

Control + J Opens the Internet Explorer Download Manager.

Control + L Moves focus to the address bar with the current URL selected.

Ctrl + Shift + L Navigates to Web address saved in your clipboard.

Control + S Saves current page for offline viewing.

Alt + Home Opens the default home page.

Control + D Opens Add to Favorites dialog for current page.

Control + T Opens new browser tab.

Control + W Closes current browser tab.

Control + N Opens a new Internet Explorer window.

Control + + Zooms in.

Control + – Zooms out.

Control + Tab Moves through browser tabs (left to right).

Control + Shift + Tab Moves through browser tabs (right to left).

Alt + Right Moves forward through current browsing history.

Alt + Left Moves back through current browsing history.

F12 Opens the Developer Tools.

F11 Toggles Full Screen mode on and off.

F5 Refreshes the current page.

Ctrl + Shift + P Opens a new browser window with InPrivate browsing turned on.

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