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How To Pin Folders To The Start Menu In Windows 7

How do I pin a folder to the Windows 7 and Vista start menu? If you are right click happy like I am, you may have noticed the new feature in Vista that allows you to pin your favorite applications to the start menu. Pinning your favorite applications saves time hunting them down on cluttered start menu’s. Would you like to save even more time? How about pinning your most used folders to the start menu? For example, you may have a folder called Word Docs that you access frequently, why not pin it to the start menu instead of going into documents and then searching for the folder.

Here is how to pin your favorite folders to the start menu in Windows Vista.

  • Navigate to the folder you would like to pin to the start menu.
  • Right click the folder and choose Create Shortcut.
  • Next, find the shortcut you just created Click and drag the shortcut to the start menu, wait a few seconds for the start menu to launch.
  • Drag the folder over the grey line close to the top of the start menu. You will see a grey line right over top of All Programs and then another line above that, drop it there.
  • After the folder is pinned you can right click the folder and choose rename. Backspace the shortcut text so you just have the name of the folder and you are done.

I wouldn’t go over-board and add 12 folders to the start menu, it will become to cluttered and you will end up defeating the purpose of the shortcut. Keep it to about 6 folders and it will look tidy and serve the purpose.

Have a great weekend