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How To Open Network Connections List In Windows 7 And Vista

windows-7How To: Open the network connections list in Windows 7 and Vista. If you just migrated from Windows XP you will notice that you can’t access the network connections list to view network interface adapters installed on your system like you could in Windows XP. Thankfully there is a handy shortcut you can use to accomplish the task from the start menu.

To access the list of network interface adapters in your system click on Start and then in the search box type in ncpa.cpl. You should now be viewing a list of network interface adapters installed on your system as illustrated in the diagram below.

network interface adapter connections

If you would like to make a permanent shortcut to the applet on your desktop do the following:

Right Click a blank spot on your desktop and choose new and then shortcut as illustrated below.

right  click shortcut

In the location box type in C:\windows\system32\ncpa.cpl and then click next. Give the shortcut a name you will recognize and click on finish as illustrated below.

ncpa  shortcut

Congratulations you now have a nice handy shortcut to the network interface adapters installed in your system. Peace!