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How To Disable Automatic Restart

Ever been in the middle of something and had your computer restart because of a windows update? Lost the data in your document as a result of the restart. Sometimes your system will not restart correctly after an update has been applied. Today I will show you how to disable automatic restart after an update or patch has been installed.

Use the Group Policy editor to disable auto restart

  • While holding down the windows logo key press R This will launch the run box.
  • In the run box type GPEDIT.msc and then press enter on your keyboard. This will launch the Group Policy editor.
  • Now that we are in the group policy editor the next thing we need to do is look for and then expand Computer Configuration and then go to Administrative Templates – Windows Components as illustrated in the diagram below.


  • Next, scroll down the list and look for Windows Update Once you find it double click on it to open it up and view the options in the right panel
  • Next, look for No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic update installations.
  • Next, double click on that line and select enabled then click on Apply.

Now your system will not automatically restart after any updates or patches have been applied. Keep in mind though that you will have to restart your system when you are finished doing your important task in order for the updates to be applied. I would suggest backing up any critical data you have in case of a restart failure. Learn how to backup your computer.