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How To Defrag The Windows Registry

Can you defrag the registry? How do you defrag the registry? Are registry programs safe to use? Thought I would spend a few minutes this morning debunking a few myths. Editing the registry and or cleaning the registry is a scary task to say the least. Before you attempt to edit, clean, scan and or fix your registry you should always backup the windows registry, and there is only one way to do it. Learn how to backup and restore the windows registry the proper way.

The windows registry is a large database that stores information and settings on the hardware, operating system software, non operating system software and user settings installed on your computer system. The registry can become very large over time and your windows operating system will eventually slow down. The registry stores keys and values. When you install a program on your computer registry keys and values are added to the database. I personally install two to three applications a day on my system for testing purposes (techs do that kind of thing) after all I need to know how to fix apps if something goes wrong. When you uninstall an application most of the registry keys and values are deleted. Notice I said most of them. When the keys and values are deleted the placeholder for those keys and values is still there, or worse yet, the values and keys are left behind because the software vendor was lazy and didn’t configure there software properly. Over time this can slow your system down because the registry keeps expanding.

The best way to increase performance and system speed is to manually delete the values left behind by the application you just removed from your system. I know, this process can be very time consuming not to mention scary as hell. There are a few software applications you can purchase that will delete all the unwanted keys and values from the bloated registry hives. Did I just say purchase? I wouldn’t purchase any registry cleaner, there is no need to. All the registry programs out there are the same, they do the same damn thing so why should you purchase one? There are a whack of articles circulating the Internet that are inticing the visitor to purchase these applications. Why? because they want to make money, they could care less if you are getting ripped off, they just want your hard earned dollars.

Do you want to clean, defrag and or compact your registry? Do yourself a favor and download this FREE application for defragging your registry. You will notice a huge performance gain. The application has an advanced registry scanner and cleaner to remove unused and old entries, including file extensions, activeX controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, uninstallers, Shared DLLs, fonts, help files, application paths, icons, invalid shortcuts and more. But wait that’s not all the application also can clean the Internet Explorer cache, history, cookies and the index.dat file. Crap Cleaner can clean your Temporary Internet Files, recycle bin and all log files. Crap cleaner can also clean all the junk from applications on your system like Firefox temp files, or recent MRU’s from applications like Office and Nero. I have been using Crap Cleaner for a few years and have experienced no ill effects. I will tell you though that when you install the application it will ask you if you want to have it run when windows starts. I always select no, because if you select yes, it will clean all those previously mentioned files when windows starts. I don’t feel like having to enter my passwords and usernames everyday. I select No to the windows startup question and just manually run the app once a month.

To sum everything up, can we defrag the registry? Well yes kind of. Should we pay for software that can clean the registry? No

Happy computing!