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How To Create Secure Passwords

How do I create a secure password? Excellent question with Identity theft as a major concern in today’s computing world. It is critical that you learn how to create secure passwords to protect your credit card data and banking information. When I talk to customers about security I am always shocked to find out they use the dogs name for a password, or the cat or a birth date. This is absolutely ludicrous, a very bad idea. Never use something that is public knowledge. Chances are your neighbour knows the name of your pets, do you know your neighbour? If you were running a secure wireless network and are using your pets name for a password for the network, do you think your neighbour would figure it out? Chances are he and or she will figure it out and then all of your personal data is at risk. For this reason we need to make our passwords as secure as we can.

The best way to create a secure password is to think of a phrase, and then use the first letter of every word in that phrase as a password. For example; I like to teach people how to create secure passwords. Our password now has potential to be very secure as you can see ILTTPHTCSP. The problem with this password is that we are using all uppercase letters. Let’s take it a step further by adding some lowercase letters.

If we use a combination of lower and uppercase letters our password will now look like this IlTtPhTcSp. Now let’s take the password creation even a step further by adding symbols.

By adding symbols our password would now look like this Il-Tt+Ph-Tc+Sp. This password would be very strong on any system, almost impossible to hack, the hacker would get frustrated and give up. Not even the best hacking programs would be able to crack this password. Well, never say never, but chances are good that you will be safe using it anywhere on the Internet.

Now that we have created a very secure password how to we remember it? Don’t write it down and stick it on your monitor. Lock it up in a safe if you must write it down. The best way to remember it is to just remember it. You could download a software application that will remember it for you. There is a program over at source forge that is free it is called Password Safe. I use it daily and have never encountered an issue with it.

Always better to be safe than sorry. Protect your Identity today!