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How To Change Screen Resolution In Windows 7 And Vista

How do I change the screen resolution in Windows 7 and Vista? Sometimes you need more room on your desktop to complete tasks. Other times you may need to change the resolution to play a game or watch a movie. If you own a new laptop you should have your resolution set no lower than 1440×900 to enjoy surfing the Internet and watch movies.

To change your screen resolution in Vista do the following:

  • Click Start and then click Control Panel.
  • Under the heading Appearance and Personalization click Adjust screen resoultion.
  • Next, slide the bar to the right to increase the resolution or to the left to decrease resolution, as illustrated below.

change screen  resoultion

change  resolution

If your Control Panel is setup for classic view you need to click Personalization and then click Display settings.

If you cannot change the resolution for example it is stuck on 640×480 and the slider bar will not move, then you will either have to re-install your video card drivers and or purchase a new video adapter.

Happy Computing!