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How to backup and import your wireless network settings in Microsoft Windows 7

Tired of having to remember your wireless network security key? Just purchased a new computer and you can’t remember that damn password you use to get on the internet with your wireless connection. Look no further, today I will teach you how to backup and import your wireless network settings. All you will need for this lesson is a USB flash drive and a little patience. When we are done you will be able to import the settings into any computer running Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Still running Windows 98? Time to upgrade don’t you think? :)

Instructions and diagrams on How To Save Your Wireless Network settings

Click on Start and then click on Control Panel then click on category and select small icons as illustrated in the diagram below.

control  panel small icon view

Next, click on Network and Sharing Center. Then click on Manage wireless networks as illustrated below.

network and sharing center

In the wireless networks window you should see the wireless network you usually connect to as illustrated below. Double click the network you would like to save.

wireless  networks

In the property sheet window click on copy this network profile to a USB flash drive as illustrated below.

wireless property sheet

The copy network settings wizard will start upon clicking on the link. Make sure your flash drive is plugged in and click on next. The whole process will finish in a couple of minutes.

Next, plug your USB flash drive into the computer that you wish to import the settings to. Look for a folder on the flash drive called SMRTNTKY. Open up this folder and look for a file called setupSNK.exe. Next, click the setupSNK.exe file. When the wireless network setup launches click on Yes when asked if you would like to add this computer to the wireless network. The process will then import your settings and you should be good to go.