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Control Panel Items Changed In Windows 7

Control Panel Items That Have Changed In Windows 7

Upon installing Windows 7 you may have noticed that some of the control panel items have changed and or are no longer there. Here is a short list of the control panel changes with the new Windows 7 operating system

  • Add Remove Programs has been changed to Programs and Features
  • Appearance and Themes is now called Appearance and Personalization
  • Security Center has been renamed to Action Center
  • Sound – Speech and Audio and Printers and other Hardware has been shortened to Hardware and Sound
  • Accessibility Options is now titled ease of Access
  • Display has been renamed Personalize

To see what has changed do the following: Click on Start and then click Control Panel. To change the view of the Control Panel in order to see all options do the following:

  • Click on category as seen in the diagram below and then choose small icons

control  panel default view windows 7

You should now see a view like the one illustrated below.

windows 7  control panel small icon view

Happy Computing!