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Whether you’re starting with an idea or already have your business established, SEO Webz will help you get your message out to the world effectively.

We will help you choose your domain name, build the right image and layout your product and/or service offerings to make your business more competitive in today’s markets.

Vernon Web Design

Windows Linux Tutorials


Unlike its predecessor, Windows Vista, Windows 7 is intended to be a more focused upgrade to the Windows line of operating systems, with the goal of being compatible with applications and hardware with which Windows Vista was already compatible. Make the things you do every day easier with improved desktop navigation. Linux is an operating system that is a clone of the UNIX operating system. It was created by programmer Linus Torvalds, who gave Linux its name. It has gained popularity over the last decade for its fast operation and enhanced security features. Linux is under special copyright that allows anyone to improve it, but no one to profit from it.

Windows - Linux Tutorials

Slow Computer


In this article I will explain how to fix a slow computer. If you follow all of these steps your system will perform as it should. The following procedures will probably take a couple of hours or more to accomplish. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 I would advise turning off User Account Control temporarily. I would advise strongly on creating a restore point before going any further with this article, that way if you make a mistake you can easily start over.

How To Fix A Slow Computer

Config A Router

When I sell a router to a customer the most common question I hear is “How do I setup it up”.

Router Setup Help

Win 7 Reg Tweaks

Make your Windows 7 experience even better. Download my custom Windows 7 Registry Tweaks

Win 7 Tweaks

On-Page SEO

Have you taken the time to see what is new for 2011-12 in the search engine optimization field?

On-Page SEO Tips

Rip a Movie

How do I copy and or download a DVD movie?. The first part of this article will explain how to copy a DVD movie.

Download Movie Torrents