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Vernon Web Hosting

Vernon Web Hosting offers Green Ironclad Secure Servers with 99% Uptime Guaranteed.

We will help you choose your domain name, install a CMS such as (Joomla) or (Wordpress) for FREE to get you started.

Vernon Web Hosting

Dedicated Servers


Vernon Web Hosting will build your Dedicated Server, we will install and configure the operating system you choice (Windows) and or (Linux), plus we will configure the system software. We will also monitor and maintain all of the system hardware 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

We have premium band width providers (Level 3, Global Crossing, Internap, Verizon and more!), and offer extreme support. Dual Redundant OC-192 Feeds, and 100Mbps Uplink Speed. We have custom Dedicated Servers available with Premium Hardware. Two-Tier backup power, remote backups, and offsite backups. Same day setup for new accounts.

Windows - Linux Servers

Premium CMS Themes


We have gorgeous CMS themes available for Joomla setups and or Wordpress. Joomla and Wordpress are free and open-source content management systems (CMS) for publishing web content. Both platforms are Free open source software. We sell themes that you can install in either CMS.

Purchase your theme from us and we will install it for free! All of our themes are powered by the Gantry 5 Framework. Gantry 5 has a powerful and easy to use Layout Manager. Gantry is fast and lightweight and has a community of users. Content management systems are trusted by the world’s most well-known companies.

Premium Themes


Prevent hacking attempts in your WordPress blog and or website by password protecting the administration folder.

Password Protection


XAMPP is a multi-platform package that installs Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, and other software...

Install XAMP locally

Joomla Locally

In the following article I will provide detailed instructions for setting up your workstation for Joomla!

Joomla Install Locally

Joomla To Server

In this article I will explain the procedures involved in uploading a Joomla web site which you have created...

Joomla Install On A Server